Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Final Post - Good Bye!

We are done!!!  Our show was last Friday and I just picked up my portraits and large skeleton from the show room.  Now I am supposed to comment on the final product and my experiences in the class.

I am very happy with the final product here.  I ended up having to reposition the right leg to fit the whole skeleton onto my paper, but I think it turned out polished anyway.  The only problem I have is it looks like my skeleton is in a very awkward position....like he's riding a horse or something!  Not my ideal position to draw and I wish I would have stepped back and actually looked at what repositioning the leg would do to the final drawing. Shoulda woulda coulda.

Anyway, some of the things I am the most proud of this final drawing are the shoulder blades, which I took great care in finding the contour lines and making it look as detailed and not flat as possible, especially the left shoulder blade, which actually looks as if it makes a sharp curve around the rib cage, which is what I was going for to make the whole skeleton look true to it's three-quarter view.  I think the angle of the shoulder blades and collar bone set the tone for the rest the drawing and how far back in space some of the structures went as well as how far forward in space the others came.  I am also proud of the fact that I found some separate bones to draw from close up and personal, like the right hand and the right leg and right foot.  I think this helped me capture the detail necessary for those structures that were forward in space and warranted such detail.  I am also happy that I did not skimp out on finding the structure in the end.  I really pushed myself to mark out the plane changes even in the left arm & hand and left leg & foot even though they were so far back in space that I could not add too much value or contour lines.  I am also proud of the tail bone because this was probably the most difficult bone to see from my position in the room and I got a work out walking back and forth trying to find the structural changes necessary to get the correct value changes, which in the end I ended up not needing as much because I was so proud of my contour lines, and this was such a mid-spacial structure, I didn't want to add too much value anyway.  I am also proud of how much I pushed myself to darken those structures forward in space while being able to go back and work light in those farther back in space structures.  It was difficult for me to do, but because I did it, the drawing looks quite polished and makes sense even though I had a challenging position to work with.

I enjoyed this class immensely, I always enjoy pushing my artistic skills and developing my style.  Finding correct form is such a necessary skill in my field that many designers do not even consider.  Even if you are creating an animated character, if you do not think about the form or the structure you will have problems in the actual animating process because the different structures will not seem believable in movement as a cohesive unit.

Thanks Amy!

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